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Costa Rica is well known for providing world-class healthcare and beauty services. The professional and very experienced medical professoinals are complemented by and exceptional vacation relaxation experience. Aftercare facilities are available that cater specifically to outpatients. Normally these services together are very expensive but low overhead makes these treatments thousands of dollars cheaper - so you can pay your own vacation and get the best medical attention available.

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Nature and families go together. Outdoor activities in Costa Rica's famous nature reserves and tours, healthy food and delicious and revitalizing spa treatments will make for the best vacation your family ever had. Read below under "Spa Adventure"

Costa Rica Dental Services

If you want inexpensive high-quality dental care, Costa Rica is the place to go. Patients from abroad have benefitted for years from the unparalleled value of the sophisticated dental clinics.

Plastic Surgery Costa Rica

Costa Rica has long been reknown for it's plastic surgery. World-class clinics and doctors will provide you with the finest treatments. Packages include relaxing stays in natural locations.

Spas and Thermal Waters in Costa Rica

From volcanic muds to geothermal hotsprings, Costa Rica's spas are amongst the best in the world. For a healthy vacation






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