12% of Humans Are…?

This year in Costa Rica they are doing the census which will give the population count of Costa Rica. There are guesses that it will be around 6 million people. Have you ever wondered how many people have ever roamed the Earth now that we are talking about population? Well the answer can be found at 1000Memories
and the total is 56 billion. With a present population of our planet passing the 7 billion sometime in the near future this goes to show that this is the most crowded moment for humans yet.

This lets us know that 12% of humans that have ever lived on the Earth are alive today. This is a lot since we are talking about 200,000 years of human existence and 12% are alive in one little average life span of 77 years. There are a number of reasons for this growth and most of it all has to do with the energy we remove from the Earth and the amount of food we are now able to grow with that energy. We destroy our natural resources, to grow more food, to feed more people. If we keep this up the we will run out of room.

This is where it becomes important to look at how we live. A fun way to learn about this and get to see this is by doing a Costa Rica vacation and experiencing ecotourism. There is no better way to get a close look of how we should live than visiting Costa Rica and staying in Costa Rica ecolodge. Even if you decide to visit to look for some Costa Rica real estate and you end up buying that vacation home in Dominical you can still take the extra steps to make your home a bit more sustainable taking advantage of the many different clean energy sources when building in Costa Rica.