Biomimicry Soccer Stadium

With the goal of Costa Rica ecolodges being to blend into nature and the native community it is now being seen that you do not have to be tucked away in the jungle but you can do this almost anywhere in the world. All it takes is a little biomimicry and some clever green design.

If you are familiar with Central America than you know that it is a land covered with volcanos. Chances are if you plan on visiting Costa Rica for a Costa Rica vacation you will see many volcanos many times you will be driving by and not even know it. Well this was the goal of the French architect who was put to the test to design a soccer stadium that blended into nature. Ok, maybe a Costa Rica ecolodge can blend into nature but how in the heck do you make a soccer stadium. Volcanos were the answer.

If you come to visit us on a Costa Rica family vacation and we take you to the famous Arenal volcano chances are you will see it clear and chances are you will see it in a cloud also. Well that is what the soccer stadiums design was trying to mimic. A volcano with a cloud sitting at the top of it. This is a beautiful design with cone-shaped slopes that will be surrounded by trees. The stadium has all the modern features of being green along with literally grassy green slopes.