Permaculture Garden

If you are visiting Costa Rica and staying at one of the many ecolodges then you just might have the chance to see how the food is grown in some of the ecolodges. Many of the ecoldges just make an effort to try and buy the food locally or even grow the food on the land they own. The most common way for an ecolodge to grow some of their basic meals would be a regular organic garden. But it is becoming more and more common to hear about permaculture gardens in Costa Rica which is the true sustainable garden.

You might be asking yourself what is permaculture and how does it different from an organic garden. The difference is seen in a number of reasons but will most likely be noticed in the design. It turns out that all permaculture gardens are organic but not all organic are permaculture.  The permaculture is designed to maximize energy in every aspect. This will be what people notice the most when looking at the permaculture garden and it might not even look like a well kept garden as many of the plants are planted not in rows but as they would be found in nature.

Permaculture is an art that should be involved in ecotourism projects as it is considered not just gardening but a form of learning to live sustainably and allowing your garden to teach you about water management, waste management, respect for local animal life, energy efficiency, understanding climate, and food for the community. These are some of the most important parts of life more so in and around many villages where ecolodges are found.

There are permaculture courses given all over the world and anyone can have a permaculture garden and learn how this system works. The beauty of this is that you do not have to be an educated person or even know how to read. It is argued that these are basic survival instincts that all humans have and just need to be made available through simple instructions of how to live life sustainably.