What are Biodiversity Hotspots?

Biodiversity Hotspots are areas of our planet Earth that environmentalist have considered very high in biodiversity and very threatened in terrestrial regions. The so-called hotspots hold 44% of the plant species on Earth and 35% of vertebrates species on Earth. To qualify to be a hotspot the area has to be home to 1,500 endemic (found nowhere else on Earth) species of plants. The region must also have 70% original it’s original habitat loss. Your Costa Rican ecolodges are located in what is considered a biodiversity hotspot.

Mesoamerica Hotspot

You might be asking yourself if you are staying in a Costa Rica ecolodge which hotspot will you be closest to? The hotspot of the region of Central America is called the Mesoamerica hotspot which includes most of Central America. The Mesoamerica hotspot includes all of the subtropical and tropical ecosystems in Central America. This includes all of Costa Rica, Belize, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatamala one third of Mexico, and half of Panama. This area makes for a corridor of many different neotropical species and also home to a number of endemic species of plants and animals.

Hotspot Region of Mesoamerica

The Mesoamerica hotspot is considered a hotspot for it’s richness in tropical ecosystems and biodiversity but it is the danger of losing this area that gives it much attention. According to Nature Conservancy, if attention is not given to the tropical region we will have destroyed almost all of the tropical forest on our planet.

There is always much talk about how Costa Rica is a country that prides itself in having much of it’s land protected. This is great news on a national level. The conservation efforts can not have borders. Costa Rica has 31% of it’s country protected and things are only looking to get better with the “Forever Costa Rica” project offering over $50 million dollars to National Parks. Belize is a very small country that has over 37% of the country now protected.

These seem like high numbers but the Mesoamerica hotspot has only 13% of it’s land protected. The country of El Salvador has less than 5% of it’s original tropical forest and the country has only 2% of it’s land protected. There has been a total of over 80% of the area of Mesoamerica cleared. Just recently between the years of 1980 – 1990 1.4% was being cleared yearly.

This was your introduction to the Mesoamerica hotspot and the idea of protecting important endangered areas of our planet. We have to ask each other what are we protecting these areas from? The answer is the most destructive species ever to roam the planet, us.

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