Why Stay at an Ecolodge

The reasons for staying at an ecolodge are endless.  One of the main reasons is it is a chance to give and receive. In staying at an ecolodge you will be contributing to a local community in more ways than economic.

Costa Rica Ecolodges

Many ecolodges do not base their community service strictly on the economic benefits but also on benefits of allowing them to raise awareness in how they live. When the ecotourist shows interest in how the local communities live, a sense of pride is built among the native community which is a genuine sense of pride that money can not buy.

You may also take with you after your stay in a Costa Rican ecolodge a better understanding of how you might change small aspects of your style of living. One of the more common things you hear after visting developing areas is that now you can see how fortunate you are to have things. Well that is a motto of the past that does not work anymore because of the situation we are in globally. It is those exact things that have gotten us to where we are. If we are able to be an ecotoursit and visit ecolodges which can still be at a 5-star vacationing level it is important that we see luxury can have a limit and with concern and attention to the environment any style of living is possible.

It is through this site that we hope to educate on the many different ecolodges of Costa rica and the importance of not just traveling with an eco-friendly mindset when visiting an ecolodge but to live your everyday life with awareness to the environment around you.